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dear stranger... ♫

Letters to Strangers partnered with some members of the Screen Actors Guild of New York and other incredible creative professionals to create a short film series (also on Youtube here), where actors read aloud letters submitted by young people with mental health concerns around the world. Everyone involved in this project has a personal connection with mental illness - and the powerful, genuine expressions of their hearts are abundant in these videos. Please take a few minutes to listen to and share a stranger's story; you just might be surprised by how much it resonates with your soul.

Note: the thoughts and values of people who wrote these letters might not align with your views on the world - that's okay. Everyone's mental health journey is different. Let's appreciate the individuality in our voices and the nuance in our perspectives. This is not an endorsement but rather an invitation for expression.

Credits (& Gratitude!)

Created & Directed by: Laksmi Hedemark

Produced by: Laksmi Hedemark & Eli Percy

Director of Photography: Jared Biunno

Edited by: Andrew Fuchs & David Freemas

First AD: Christopher Amaya

Field Sound Mixer: Dan Whitehead

Key Makeup: Kelsey McCullagh

Production Assistant: Marques Stewart

Original Music by: Christopher Marianetti

Title Designer & Art by: Juan Miguel Marin

Post Production Supervisor: Salah Anwar

Post Sound Mixer: Michael J. Isabella

Actors, in order of appearance: Eli Percy, Thaïs Kirby, Miranda Dinnetz, Chess Lopez, Tanja Konwinski, Jules Forsberg-Lary, Daniel Colon, Robert Garcia Carbrera, Laksmi Hedemark

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