“When Diana speaks - it actually takes my breath away. Her ability to use poetry, her own authentic narrative, and the passion that fuels her work in every one of her speeches is remarkable. I've never been more enchanted by someone's delivery before - not because Diana is the loudest in the room, but rather because I believe every word Diana says when she speaks. Diana is poetic power, truly.” 


—  Ziad Ahmed, CEO of JÜV Consulting, Forbes 30 Under 30

You want to start the mental health conversation. You're not sure how.

We can do that for you.
What We Offer:
  • Keynote Speeches

  • Panelist for Group Discussions

  • Workshops

  • Interviews

  • Q & As

  • Arts/Poetry/Letter Readings

  • ...and more!

Diana is highly experienced in the subject and type of presentation relevant for your event. Though not a therapist or psychiatrists, she is a fellow student passionate about the mental health of youth - especially because she's experienced the severity of mental illness herself.


Her speeches have been described as "inspiring," "extremely helpful," "deeply genuine," "vulnerable," and "full of tips not found elsewhere."

We hope to share the power of youth in health and beyond with your community!

Where We Go:
  • Schools

  • Summits

  • Conferences

  • Organizations

  • Religious Spaces

  • Companies

  • Festivals

  • Galas

  • ...and more!

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