Hi! Thanks for your interest in writing a letter.

Often times, someone stumbles across our site and wants to join the #mentalhealthmatters movement by writing a letter. But why do letters matter?
See, here at Letters to Strangers, we believe that writing is humanity distilled into ink. And we've seen personally how one letter--one human connection--can truly save a life. If we were all a bit kinder to each other; if we listened to strangers and trusted that they would listen to us, we'd be choosing to love and believe in the universality of humanity. For mental health to matter, we need to make that choice. Without empathy, society cannot progress. That's why we write letters.
Now, usually, we exchange letters written by members at our chapters and our partner sites, but we understand that not everyone has a L2S chapter/partner site nearby that they can join. We encourage you to start a chapter or partner site today if that's the case (read here to find out the difference between chapters and partner sites)! In the meantime, you can submit your letter to us by following the steps below (click the black text for link). We'll collect your letter and make sure it gets to either a member at one of our chapters or one of our partner sites.
Alternatively, you can join our new online community and share your letter (as well as read other people's letters) through there! It's still in beta so the forum isn't perfect, but we hope it brings a little bit of the L2S experience to you. :)

That's it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to join us in fighting for mental health! The human connection really does matter, and you just helped us emphasize that!
Please note that we do reserve the right to refuse your letter if it contains anything that jeopardizes the inclusive environment of L2S. 
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