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Educational Pamphlets

Besides our World's First Youth-for-Youth Mental Health Guidebook, we are proud to share an ongoing catalog of shorter, mental health-related educational pamphlets. Check back as we update this page with new materials written by our amazing youth and student team!

LEGAL RIGHTS OF SURViVORS of sexual violence

Written by team member Hannah Reynolds, this write-up aims to educate individuals about legal rights of survivors, support services, and important information regarding sexual violence. 

Climate Change & Mental Health

Extracted from our World's First Youth-for-Youth Mental Health Guidebook, this is a short introduction to the ways mental health and climate change intersect. Additional content on climate change and mental health can be found on our YouTube video here. Translations are provided by the incredible folks at Climate Cardinals - be sure to check them out and support other youth-run social cause organizations! 

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