Thank you for your interest in joining the Letters to Strangers Team! We always believe that the best way to get involved with us is by starting or joining a Chapter near you, and our internal network may receive extra consideration in the core team hiring process. But of course, the HeadQuarters Team is constantly on the lookout for incredible young people to join our core team from within and outside of our network. If you want a position with HQ, read on! And if you have any questions (such as how to get volunteer hours for writing a letter), check out our FAQ for answers.

NOTE: As a youth-for-youth organization, we prioritize individuals aged 13 to 24 as they are most likely to undestand the needs of the demographic we serve. However, all individuals are welcome to apply!



Paid positions at Letters to Strangers, Inc. are independent contractor positions compensated with either a monthly stipend or hour-based wage, with details to be finalized upon hire. All paid positions are available for individuals 13 or older only. If you are under 18 years old, parent/legal guardian permission is required. Because this is a paid position, no volunteer hours can be earned through this.

Volunteer Coordinator [FILLED]

  • Onboards and manages volunteers

  • Responsible for responding to all volunteer queries

  • Works closely with core to allocate volunteers efficiently

  • Develops and maintains volunteer programs and processes

  • Must have strong relationship-building skills

  • Must be creative, patient, and vision-focused

  • Multilingual fluency is a plus

Location: Remote/Anywhere

Hours: 10+ hours/week

Media Team (Video Editor/Animator)

  • Looking for a video editor and/or animator to join our media team

  • Helps create content for our social media, internal network, and external campaigns

  • Must be experienced in video-editing softwares and processes

  • Experience in cinematography/videography is a plus, but we are prioritizing editors over filmographers

Location: Remote/Anywhere

Hours: Flexible/Project-based

Legal Counsel

  • Particularly looking for lawyers or legal assistants with knowledge of copyright, healthcare, media, international, and/or nonprofit law

  • This role serves more as a reviewer of existing content and contracts rather than as a creator of new material. As we are a small nonprofit, the rate would be less than that of typical full lawyer fees but there is tremendous flexibility in recognition of that. 

  • Must have at least some law school and/or legal firm experience

Location: Remote/Anywhere

Hours: Flexible/Project-based

Medical Counsel

  • Particularly looking for doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, emergency personnel, and other medical professionals with knowledge of mental health

  • This is different from our health worker volunteers, who work more with Chapters rather than HQ.

  • This role serves more as a reviewer of existing content rather than as a creator of new material. As we are a small nonprofit, the rate would be less than that of typical full medical consultancy fees but there is tremendous flexibility in recognition of that. 

  • Must have at least some medical school and/or clinical/field experience

Location: Remote/Anywhere

Hours: Flexible/Project-based


Volunteer Internships

Volunteer internships at Letters to Strangers, Inc. are unpaid but designed to maximize your personal development and impact, from giving you large amounts of autonomy to granting you the chance for your ideas to be internationally implemented. We accept interns and volunteers year-round unless otherwise stated for a specific position. These internships can go toward volunteer hours.

Communications Manager [FILLED]

  • Edit and upload blog content onto the L2S website and other article platforms like Medium

  • Write, analyze, track, and design email newsletters

  • Work with the volunteer coordinator to create and maintain a timeline of articles and updates

  • Must have strong English writing skills

  • Graphic design abilities is a plus

*This position may be converted to a paid position if enough demand for its services is shown.

Location: Remote/Anywhere

Hours: Flexible/Project-based

Partnerships Coordinator [FILLED]

  • Seek sponsorships and ambassadors

  • Cultivate relationships with partner organizations and companies

  • Create ideas for partnerships and pitch them to partners

  • Coordinate and manage partnership details

  • Elevate the Letters to Strangers brand and image

  • Must have a strong understanding of trends and relationship-building

  • Must be creative and detail-oriented

*This position may be converted to a paid position if enough demand for its services is shown. 

Location: Remote/Anywhere

Hours: Flexible/Project-based

Researcher/Content Writer

  • Flexibility to work on different topics, from policy to identity to educational content on mental health

  • Gather current mental health-related laws, cases, scientific papers, and policy proposals 

  • Though we may accept content in non-English languages, we strongly prefer candidates with strong English writing and research skills.

Location: Remote/Anywhere

Hours: Flexible/Project-based

Letter Curator

  • Curate letters for the COVID-19 Letters Collective and other future events. Filter through existing database of letters to find letters with content that match the themes our beneficiaries are looking for, and compile the letters into a digital folder/bundle for the benefitting organization

You must pass the Letters to Strangers Platform Moderator Test to take on this position. (Therefore, you would by default be eligible to become a Platform Moderator.)

Location: Remote/Anywhere

Hours: 2-5 hours/week

Grant Writer Assistant

  • Assist our grant-writing team in researching and applying for grants

  • Help write grant applications and cultivate relationships with grant organizations/foundations

  • Must have strong English writing skills

Location: Remote/Anywhere

Hours: Flexible/Project-based

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