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Chapters Feature

Chapters form the core of our work here at Letters to Strangers, building our community of mental wellness-driven peers in communities and campuses around the world. Here are just a few of the 100+ in over 20 countries worldwide. Want to join us or have any questions? Start a Chapter here or reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator Pearl (at) LetterstoStrangers (dot) org.

L2S Columbia holding letters

L2S Columbia

L2S+Columbia is a new community and college Chapter that was recently established in New York by Sylvestor Benson! This past Spring, the Chapter collaborated with Columbia’s Disability Affinity Graduation and shared about 100 congratulatory letters to graduating students with disabilities on April 22. L2S+Columbia strives to promote solidarity and make connections through supportive letters. Since starting, they have already distributed around 500 letters to prisons, hospitals, and colleges!​

L2S Echoes

"L2S+Echoes strives to make everyone feel accepted and understood! We want our thoughts and words to echo in the hearts of anyone who reads our letters. We want to be a part of your journey to bloom and live through our letters. So anytime you need a few words of encouragement or a reality check from your fantasies dear stranger, we will be here for you... Towards the end of the pandemic, we decided to do a project entitled "Letters to Teachers" in which we all created cards/letters and gave them to teachers in our community who have had a big impact on us and our classmates. Our goal was to show appreciation to these teachers for continuing to put their students first despite the global pandemic."

Letter from L2S Online
L2S Liberia giving workshop

L2S Liberia

L2S Liberia is a registered non-profit in Liberia that leads and manages Letters to Strangers work across Liberia. L2S Liberia currently operates Liberia’s largest youth-to-youth Mental Health Resource Center and the biggest mental health helpline in the country.

L2SLiberia works with several partners on the ground including the Government to raise awareness on mental health, create access to quality affordable treatment, and destigmatizing mental illness.

The chapter was founded in 2019 and has since directly impacted over ten thousand young people across the country and runs multiple programs that seek to build a sustainable mental health system in Liberia. 

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