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This is the physical version of our handbook. Digital downloads are available as separate items.


Letters to Strangers presents...


The Letters to Strangers Teachers' Handbook: Mental Health Curriculum Guide. This is an in-depth educational tool designed for teachers of high school audiences (ages 13+) and older. The Handbook supplements Letters to Strangers' previous title: the award-winning World's First Youth-for-Youth Mental Health Guidebook, which can be used as the textbook supplemented by this Handbook's curriculum suggestions. This Handbook can be adapted for teaching environments worldwide, with select case studies focusing on the U.S.


This book's features:

  • Written by an expert panel of career educators and mental health professionals 
  • Over 100 pages of key concepts, vocabulary, assessment ideas, and empathy-oriented activities for all chapters of the Letters to Strangers Mental Health Guidebook.
  • 145 cited sources new to this handbook, in addition to the almost 1,000 sources referenced in the original Guidebook


AUTHORS: Amy Levin, Ph.D., Carla Biggs-Bridgman, Ph.D., Carlyn LaGrone, M.S., Omar Reda, M.D., Vatesha Bouler, M.Ed., Diana Chao


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Teachers' Handbook: Mental Health Curriculum Guide - PHYSICAL

  1. Foreword

  2. Before You Teach: Resources & Guidelines

  3. Psychology & Healthcare Foundations

  4. Risk Factors

  5. Protective Factors & Self-Care

  6. Race, Ethnicity & Mental Health

  7. Religion & Mental Health

  8. Gender, Sexual Identity & Mental Health

  9. Socioeconomic Status & Mental Health

  10. Youth & Mental Health

  11. Conclusion: What’s Missing & What to Look Towards

  12. About the Writers

  13. Sources and Citations

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