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**To download this resource for free, please take three minutes to fill out our pre-book survey here: At the end of the survey, you will see a coupon code you can use to get 100% off this product.**


This is the free black-and-white download version of the Letters to Strangers youth-for-youth mental health guidebook. The full-color PDF as well as physical copy are available for purchase as separate items.


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The world's first-ever youth-for-youth mental health guidebook! In this book, we cover the A to Z of mental health in style. Featuring lots and lots of art submitted by young people around the world, an appendix with countless do-it-yourself resources, and a global approach to mental health, we guarantee that this guidebook is unlike anything you've ever seen. We are proud of our intersectional approach: every identity-focused chapter is written by and/or extensively reviewed by youth and leaders of that community. Though some chapters will be less globally-applicable than others (it is impossible for us to describe every country's healthcare system, for example, so we decided to just use the U.S. as a case study), this book for the most part is designed for a global audience. And though it is called youth-for-youth, practically everything in this book is relevant for people of all ages. Mental health, after all, affects everyone.


This book's features:

  • Written entirely by 14- to 21-year-olds and reviewed by experts and medical professionals
  • Input of 50+ people around the world, from Tunisia to Bhutan
  • Almost 1000 citations of scientific papers and websites
  • 2 years of collecting stories and interviews
  • The 1st comprehensive dive into race/ethnicity & mental health in the U.S. since the surgeon-general’s report in 2001

Youth-for-Youth Mental Health Guidebook (Digital - B&W)


To download this resource for free, we ask that you take three minutes to fill out our pre-book survey here. When you complete the survey, you will receive a coupon code you can enter at checkout to get 100% off this resource. You won't need to enter any credit card or payment option, yay!

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