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2020 Scholarship Winners

2020 Scholarship Winners

What Hannah Says:

In 2017, I almost lost my life through⁣ my struggle with mental health and I was 15 at the time. Despite my fears, I decided to fight the shame and stigma surrounding mental illness. This is why this scholarship means so much to me. I think back to 2017 at my rock bottom. I am happy to say that it is 2020 and receiving the⁣⁣ Mental Health Changemaker Scholarship means that my voice did in fact make a difference⁣.⁣ I am overjoyed. This scholarship has allowed me to push past the financial⁣ boundaries that I have as a homeless student. Thank⁣ you so much to Letters to Strangers for making a college education a reality for⁣ me.


What Maiya Says:



Winning this scholarship means the world to me. It has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders. In a time like this, when so much is uncertain, this scholarship has given me peace of mind. Thank you!


2019 Scholarship Winners

2019 Scholarship Winners

2019 Scholarship Winners

What Hope Says:

It is a true honor and privilege to have been a recipient of the 2019 Letters to Strangers Mental Health Changemakers Scholarship. This award will go towards academic expenses associated with pursuing a Master’s in Social Work Program within a top-ranked, Ivy League academic institution. My intent is to work towards affecting change in access to quality mental health care for Latinx communities. I will be undertaking an internship with an amazing community program that works towards providing mental health services to the immigrant and underserved Latinx communities in Philadelphia, and this award will be beneficial in my effort to focus my time solely on my academic responsibilities and my work with this organization. Once again, I'm deeply grateful for this award and I look forward to representing the Letters to Strangers organization


2019 Scholarship Winners

What Adorrie Says:



I'm so grateful to have won. I have been struggling with my mental health for four years and I'm so glad that my story was touching [and] chosen. I will use the money for therapy and also hospital costs.

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