"I've picked myself up before, and I'll do it again."

Letters to Strangers partnered with some members of the Screen Actors Guild of New York to create a short film series where actors read aloud letters submitted by young people with mental health concerns around the world. Please take a few minutes to listen to & share a stranger's story - you just might be surprised by how much it resonates with your soul.

Quick run-down

Write a Letter

1. Read our sample letters

2. Take time to reflect

3. Write* to a stranger, submit digitally here, and receive a letter back!

*make sure you follow the guidelines here

Exchange with a Partner Location

Either as part of a chapter or as a partner site, you can conduct exchanges using our custom-designed, therapy-informed letter-exchange program - complete with safety guidelines, writing themes, and peer discussion prompts. 

Start a Chapter & Advocate!

Some of the many things our chapters do:

A. Host peer-to-peer letter-writing exchanges and discussions

B. Plan peer training/education sessions!

C. Advocate for & introduce mental health-friendly policy changes

A Huge Thank You To...

...and countless 

generous individuals!

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